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How Effective is De-tan Bleach for your Skin?

How Effective is De-tan Bleach for your Skin?

You must have noticed a lot of hype and hoopla around bleaching your skin. Is  bleach dangerous on skin? Is it safe to use bleach on acne prone skin?   Does it remove the tanning on your face? Perhaps many more doubts swirl in your mind. Let’s delve a little deeper and understand. Those who have dark skin have more melanin content. The reason behind melanin production is your hormones, sunlight and probably some chemicals. A de-tan  skin bleaching cream reduces the amount of melanocytes in your skin. This makes your skin lighter and even tone. Besides, it also lightens your facial hair in a jiffy and a glow on your face.

What is a De Tan Bleach ?

Due to regular exposure of UV rays  your skin becomes dull, dehydrated and dark. A de tan bleach reduces the darkness and clears up the skin and  makes it flawless and glowing.

What are the Benefits and Effects of Bleach on Skin  ?

It can remove tanning from your face, thereby  treating hyperpigmentation, blackheads and acne. It also reduces oil production on the face. Here are some benefits of using a de tan bleach cream.

A women is apply De tan bleach on her face

Lightens Dark Spots

A detan bleach cream works effectively on dark spots which are caused due to UV rays, aging and hormonal changes in your body. It also works well on pimples and scars.

Even Tone Skin

De tan bleach cream minimizes hyperpigmentation and freckles on your face reduces the melanin content of your skin which ultimately makes your skin appear even toned.

Brightens up your Face by Covering  Unwanted Hair

When you use de tan bleach cream your facial hair becomes light in color which gives you an instant glow. The components in de tan bleach such as hydrogen peroxide , stearic acid, orthophosphoric acid  lightens your facial hair .

What does Bleach do to Skin?

The chemicals such as Aqua, Light Liquid Paraffin, Hydrogen Peroxide, Beeswax,Petroleum Jelly, Stearic Acid, Stearyl Alcohol, Glycerol Monostearate, Emulsifying wax, Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Orthophosphoric acid, Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid, Butylated HydroxyToluene, Phenoxyethanol and  Sunflower Extract & Fragrance.makes it a powerful cream that not only lightens and brightens your face but also works rigorously on  several skin issues. On the top of it if it is infused with  sunflower extracts then it becomes a magical product for your skin.

Is bleach good for skin?

If you are using a de tan skin bleaching cream in moderation it will be an absolute game changer you're your skin. However, using it quite often is not recommended. A gap of at least fifteen or thirty days will be apt. If you use a bleaching cream which has nature’s essence it will be more beneficial for your skin in long run.

How to use Bleach on Skin?

  • Wash your face with cold water. Mix cream and activator in 4:1 ratio. Apply mixture cream with a spatula on desired area, avoid contact with and around eyes. Wait for 5-10 min and rinse.
  • Pat dry and moisturize

A quick look at some of the best bleach for glowing skin and de tanning

  • Fem de tan cream bleach
  • Ningen De-tan Bleach (Cream + Activator) I Sunflower Extracts I Helps Remove Tan I 43g
  • Nature’s De tan bleach
  • O3 de tan bleach
  • Olivia de tan bleach
  • VLCC de tan bleach
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