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Ningen - Power Of Flower

Ningen - Power Of Flower

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change”, Lord Buddha’s words of wisdom manifest the purity, power and magic of flowers. Flowers embellishes our lives with its fragrance and presence but do we know that flowers are most popular natural remedies for numerous ailments, and when it comes to skin and hair care it is certainly a panacea as it is not just used to add colours and fragrance but also for its rejuvenating and potent healing properties. Ningen offers its wide array of novel cosmetics products formulated from flower extracts right from nature’s lap to give the richness and healing properties of flowers. The word Ningen is a striking Japanese word which means ‘human’. Cosmetics have been an integral part of human’s life and evolving civilizations. We cannot deny the fact that cosmetics play a pivotal role in our lives, fashion, culture and history. The genesis of such innovative and unique cosmetics products is the idea and extensive research of Dr. Neha Arora who is Director at Auriga Research Private Limited. Her perseverance and dedication to bring a revolution and add value to the cosmetic industry while understanding the demand of consumers became a reality with a unique brand Ningen. She took a plunge into an ingenious idea to come up with products which are natural, pure and free from harsh chemicals yet based on the wisdom of science. The cosmetics range of Ningen is prepared with lesser-known elixir and melange of flowers and its properties which cleans, exfoliates, smoothens the skin and staves off free radical damage and early signs of ageing. The vitamins and antioxidants present in flowers makes it an elixir for skin and hair care. The cosmetic industry has always lauded the properties of flowers, herbs and aromatics. Ningen’s Cosmetics are suffused with aroma of flowers and its natural healing properties formulated appositely to shrug off the glitches of skin and give a feeling of tranquillity and serenity at the end of a long tiring day. It rejuvenates and refurbishes your skin and hair with a therapeutic range of facial creams, lotions, massage oil, hair conditioners and so on. As you apply the exotic perfumed creams and oils it would take you to a garden of flowers. Ningen adroitly enhanced products ethically manufactured, natural, vegan and cruelty-free. The journey of Ningen began in 2020 under the aegis of a top-notch company Arbro Pharmaceuticals. The company tremendously explores new ways to take consumer care products to the next level. Ningen aims to elevate, enable and improve the experience of people with all skin types to feel delight and sustain glowing and gleaming skin and hair without any adulterated beautifying agents. Ningen is an amazing blend of innovation and beauty that offers a far-reaching choice of cosmetics, skincare, hair care, aromas, body shower and many more. Rejoice your inner and outer beauty with Ningen, a perfect beauty amigo.
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