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There's a fragrance for everyone! What's yours?

There's a fragrance for everyone! What's yours?

Does your perfume create rashes, and a burning sensation on your skin and its fragrance fades off in a jiffy? Do you feel confident about the effectiveness of the perfume that you wore just this morning? Even if you are simply looking for a small luxury to lift your mood or you want to enrich yourself with a spa-like experience  all through your hectic day, then hop on to something more promising with multifarious benefits without any harmful effect.  Cherish the captivating fragrance and moisturized skin all day long with a body perfume cream infused with therapeutic herbs and goodness of flowers. Suffuse yourself in the calming fragrance and softening effects of a perfume that is not just a perfume but a moisturizer too that ensures effective body care and mesmerizing fragrance. 

How does fragrance affect us?

It is our innate nature to be drawn towards pleasant smells. Several studies indicate that olfactory sense has a tremendous impact in all aspects of life be it our behavior, emotions, mood or interactions between individuals.

As per Dr. Alan Hirsch’s study at  Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Center, human attraction is the product of the chemical trigger known as Pheromones which triggers our physical to emotional triggers. Strikingly, several studies also indicate that people judge more based on smells rather than looks.

Why do you need to switch from a liquid perfume to a moisturizing cream?

Alcohol Free

As you spray an alcohol based perfume, the presence of alcohol makes it stick down to your skin however it is quite atrocious to your skin.


An  amalgamation of fragrances of different flowers and herbs soothes your senses and creates therapeutic effects too. These natural fragrances are helpful in migraine and headache relief.

No Harmful Effects

Alcohol based products are not good for your skin.  It can create allergies and severe skin issues. This is why perfume cream without alcohol is a good option.

Smell Good All day long

A perfume based cream with the fragrance of flowers  will stay longer on your skin  and also  it is easy to apply.

Mood Enhancer

It can magically lift your mood and make you feel as if you are in a garden of flowers.

Step up your Confidence

A perfume body cream can lift your confidence as you stay fresh and rejuvenated the entire day unlike spray perfumes which evaporate in no time.

Keeps your Stress at Bay

It calms your nerves and makes you feel serene and relaxed.

Apt for your skin

A paraben and sulfate free gardenia perfume cream is suitable for all skin types as it does not contain any harsh ingredient. It is always wise to buy a dermatologically tested perfume cream.

How you smell is all about pheromones

Any scent smells different from one person to another. The pheromones play a major role in how you smell.  Fragrances are at times compatible and incompatible with one’s pheromones.  It’s the main reason why certain perfumes smell good on others and not you.

Lifestyle and Diet

People who frequently eat non vegetarian food and  spicy food have a stronger and distinct smell than those who eat vegan or vegetarian food. Moreover if you are on medication for a long period of time it affects your scent too.

woman holds a jar with a cosmetic cream in her hands. skin care

Ningen Gardenia Perfume Cream

Ningen Gardenia Perfume Cream is a perfume with an assortment of  fragrances amalgamated together to fuse a pleasant smell into a bottle of a perfume cream . The  premium Japanese ingredients  of Ningen Body Perfume Cream is infused with Gardenia, Cherry and Kulanjan extract which impart natural fragrances, and the base retains the moisture of the skin and makes you smell like heaven all day. It patiently yet amusingly absorbs the fragrance as you apply it all over your body you transcend into another world.. It is a luxuriously rich, long-lasting scent for the ultimate sensorial experience. It doesn’t disappear after a few hours as it has a persistent fragrance.

We cannot deny the fact that smell and taste perception differs from individual to individual. How your nose perceives and evaluates a particular smell is altogether different from somebody else’s perception of it. All the fragrances can't smell great to you as it prominently depends on your unique body chemistry. 

A quick glimpse at some of the best perfume creams;

  • Victoria Secret Perfume Cream
  • Ningen Gardenia Body Perfume
  • Good Vibes Perfume Cream
  • Oriflame perfume cream
  • Avon Perfume Cream
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