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Which Charcoal Face Wash is Best for Skin Lightening?

Which Charcoal Face Wash is Best for Skin Lightening?

Activated charcoal  has grabbed millennials' attention as it has become a popular ingredient in the world of beauty.  Cosmetics products such as facial cleansers,soaps, scrubs and masks  contain activated charcoal. It amazingly removes impurities and bacteria from your skin thereby improving your complexion and ward off acne too

What's activated charcoal?

A fine black powder that is produced when common charcoal is exposed to high heat activated charcoal is formed. The heat exposure leads to tiny internal spaces in the charcoal that makes it highly absorbent and suitable to trap toxins and chemicals. 

Benefits of a Charcoal Face Wash

If you wash your face twice a day with charcoal face wash you can get tremendous benefits on your skin. Try  Ningen Charcoal Face Wash that  contains activated Charcoal, Grape and Apple extract which effectively removes dirt, oil, toxins and impurities from your skin to make it smoother and healthier. It  helps to eliminate excessive oil, unclog the pores, remove whiteheads and blackheads. It also works well to pull  out toxins, bacteria, and impurities while leaving your skin rejuvenated, and dirt-free.  A glimpse at the benefits of other ingredients in Ningen Charcoal Face Wash 


It is rich in antioxidants , improves skin elasticity and staves off several skin issues. Works effectively on sun burns. Lightens the scars and pigmentation. 

Apple extracts 

Apple extracts are rich in antioxidants  and protect your skin from free radicals . It maintains the youthfulness and elasticity of the skin. 

A quick look at the benefits of  Ningen Charcoal Face Wash

Wash off all the Impurities 

It removes all the bacteria and dirt from your skin while leaving clearer and healthier skin. 

Prevents Acne 

The core reason for acne is accumulation of dead skin cells, clogged pores  and bacteria on your skin that causes irritation , inflammation and swelling. 

Removes Blackheads and Whiteheads 

It works effectively to extricate stubborn blackheads and whiteheads on your skin. It also removes sebum and accumulated unwanted elements on your skin. 

How Does Charcoal Work?

Activated charcoal, also popularly known as activated carbon, is a fine black powder produced when ordinary charcoal is exposed to heat. It helps detoxify your skin and treat acne and pimples. It removes all toxins, impurities, oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells from deep within the pores and makes your skin smooth and supple.

Why you may want to start using charcoal facewash 

Charcoal face wash is trending  due to its manifold benefits and millennials are loving it.  It not only removes impurities but also brightens the complexion and unclog your pores. 

Nourish and cherish your skin by following these simple and easy steps  to gain the maximum benefits; 

  1. Splash a bit of lukewarm water onto your skin, giving your charcoal face wash a slightly damp surface to work on.
  2. Squeeze a dime-sized amount of  Ningen Cadamba Cleanser onto your fingertips.
  3. Apply the cleanser to your skin in circular motions and massage it on your face thoroughly.
  4. Wash off the cleanser with lukewarm water.
  5. Apply Ningen Vitamin C & E Face Serum to get the maximum benefit
  6. The last step of any skin care routine should be applying a good moisturizer  . Give a boost to your skin with Ningen Silken Rose Face Moisturizing Lotion.
You can also buy our charcoal range products enriched with  anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to give enormous glow and care to your skin. 
  1. Ningen Activated Charcoal Bathing Bar
  2. Ningen Charcoal Peel off Mask
  3. Ningen Charcoal Facewash
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