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Why do you need a natural intimate wash?

Why do you need a natural intimate wash?

Do you know how important an intimate wash is for your health and hygiene? As a woman you often discuss various beauty products and its effect on your skin but what about your intimate hygiene. An intimate wash helps you stay clean  and ward off irritation and  infections.  If you haven't included intimate wash in your self-care regimen then you must read further to understand  how crucial it is for you.


What is an intimate wash?

Soaps and body washes are not apt for intimate areas as the skin is highly sensitive over there. An intimate wash is a mild solution formulated especially for women to cleanse the intimate areas. It also treats dryness, itching and irritation of intimate areas thereby maintaining normal pH of the skin around the area which is important in preventing bacterial infection. 

On the contrary, soaps disrupt the natural flora of an intimate area , which will, in turn, allow the harmful bacteria to grow rapidly. Experts state that the pH level of your skin is 5.5 whereas the pH level of your intimate area is between 3.8 and 4.5. This is why soaps are not suitable for intimate areas.

Choose your intimate wash wisely

The market is flooded with ample products but you must choose a carefully formulated and clinically tested external wash that provides targeted antimicrobial and other health benefits without negatively impacting on the natural vulvovaginal microbiota. 

Try Ningen Kiwi Intimate wash as it is free from paraben and other  harmful ingredients, clinically tested and formulated with the goodness of flowers, fruits and herbs to pamper and care for your sensitive skin. It has a gentle pH balanced formula to keep you fresh and clean throughout the day.  It is mild, soap-free and respects the natural pH level.

What are the benefits of using an intimate wash?

It helps in preventing bacterial or fungal infection in the intimate area. It also supports the growth of good bacteria called Lactobacillus, which is important for your intimate area. It leaves you feeling fresh all day with no odor or wetness or stickiness.

Apt for your sensitive skin

An intimate wash formulated with natural ingredients and without any harmful chemical provides gentle care with no side effects. 

pH Balance

The natural ingredients of your intimate wash not only cleanses your intimate area but also makes the skin supple, soft, smooth and free from unwanted moisture.

Utmost Cleaning

Intimate hygiene is indispensable for your holistic health.It keeps all ilks of infections at bay so that you fly everyday.

Why should you use Ningen Kiwi Intimate wash? 

Ningen Kiwi Intimate Wash is a carefully formulated and clinically tested external wash that cleanses your intimate area with its gentle and natural ingredients. It is free from harsh chemicals and contains ingredients that are suitable for all skin types.

It is full of antioxidants that prevent the accumulation of  dead skin cells  on your skin. The goodness of kiwi moisturizes your skin. Vitamin E and antioxidants nourishes and hydrates your skin while Omega 3 fatty acids make your skin soft. Kiwi fruit contains high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants that boost good bacteria in your intimate area.

The product is dermatologically tested and animal cruelty free.It maintains the pH level of your skin, and staves off bacterial and fungal infections. It also supports the growth of good bacteria while maintaining the microflora of the intimate area.

Why is it important to maintain the flora and pH level of your intimate skin?

  • When it comes to intimate hygiene and care it is necessary to maintain that flora and keep that space clean with a solution that has a pH of around 3.5. The pH variation of your intimate skin affects good bacteria that lead to infections such as UTI etc.
  • Contaminants often collect over the intimate area due to increased moisture and sweating. Intimate skin differs from other skin sites in terms of hydration, friction, permeability and it is more susceptible to topical agents. 
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and controls odor too without impacting the natural flora.The product is hypoallergenic, soap free, pH friendly, mild cleanser, no irritants, protection against dryness and maintenance of balanced micro flora.

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How to use Ningen Kiwi Intimate wash?

Grab a small amount of the solution on your palm and rub to form lather. Apply it on the external part of the intimate area. Rub it gently and then rinse it with lukewarm water. Pat dry the area with a clean towel.

Forget all soaps, shower gels and feel the difference with Ningen Kiwi intimate wash.

To cap it all, Ningen is the best intimate wash for women. It is a clean and dry intimate wash. It is one of the most authentic and natural intimate wash you must include in your lifestyle  to get an astounding result.

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