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Why is Skin Lightening for Intimate Areas Essential?

Why is Skin Lightening for Intimate Areas Essential?

Are you a person who is conscious about your dark intimate area? Or  you are  planning for your summer vacation on the beach this time and thinking of wearing swim suits, bikinis, sarongs and cotton shorts or you are just worried about the darkening skin of your intimate area.   It is the time when you must include an intimate lightening cream in your beauty regimen. The skin tone of your intimate area turns darker with time. There could be ample reasons behind the discoloration such as sweating, friction, and environmental elements. The fact is, you can definitely reverse further darkening of the intimate area by considering a few factors and little care. This darkening is known as hyperpigmentation and it happens so slowly that you don’t even notice it. 

Causes of Intimate Area Darkening

  • Friction While Walking and Exercising

If you wear tight fitting clothes that do not let the air pass through, it creates moisture  which darkens your skin and when your skin experiences friction while walking or exercising, keratinization occurs. In this process keratinocytes (cells containing keratin) produce keratin in large amounts as they move higher in the topmost layer of skin.  Moreover, they also have melanin which results in pigmentation.

  • Sweating and Moisture

Too much sweating can darken your intimate areas. It is important to keep your intimate area clean and dry.

  • Age, Elasticity and Texture

As you age the elasticity, color and texture of your skin changes apparently often not only in elasticity and texture, but  color, as well. This can cause certain areas of the body to darken. While this isn’t always the case, procedures such as intimate lightening can really help to reverse the darkening.

  • Shaving Changes the Skin Tone

The chemicals of shaving creams and lotions gradually darken your skin tone of the intimate area.

  • Hormonal Changes

Your skin  has  melanocytes, which form melanin. Melanocytes are particularly sensitive to hormones. This is why the intimate area gradually turns darker with hormonal changes in your body. It can happen during pregnancy,puberty and aging. When estrogen levels increase during puberty and pregnancy,it results in pigmentation in your intimate areas.

  • Obesity Affects your Skin Tone

Diabetes or obesity can darken your intimate areas. Acanthosis and Nigricans  result in darkening thickening  of the skin . So it is important to eat a healthy diet and manage your weight. Besides, you should avoid excessive sugar consumption that is the major reason  for hyperpigmentation in intimate areas.   

Benefits of Kiwi for Skin Lightening

  • Kiwi is rich in Vitamin E which brightens your dull skin. It is full of antioxidants that prevent dead skin cells from accumulating on your skin. It also boosts new cell generation.
  • It moisturizes your skin, Vitamin E and antioxidants nourishes and hydrates your skin. Omega 3 fatty acids make your skin soft.
  • Kiwi fruit works well on acne while keeping it blemish free, and balances oil on your skin.

How to Lighten Intimate Areas?

You can wear clothes which have better airflow so that your skin can breathe and reduce moisture.  Wearing properly fitting clothing and underwear  can help facilitate better airflow, reducing moisture and allowing the skin to breathe. Above all you can use intimate lightening cream for better results. 

What is Intimate Lightening?

Intimate lightening is a procedure in which natural compounds, such as fruit and flower extracts, are applied “down-there” to lighten the intimate area. This can be done on both men and women, and after a few treatments, can really make a noticeable difference. These natural treatments are completely safe and effective.

How can you remove intimate darkness with Ningen Kiwi Intimate Lightening Cream?

Use an Intimate Lightening Cream

Ningen kiwi intimate lightening cream is infused with the goodness of kiwi, Liquorice and Vitamin C. It is sulfate free, paraben free and dermatologically tested . It maintains the pH balance of your skin and keeps it rejuvenated  and healthy.  

Moisturize Well

It is important to moisturize your skin with natural cream . It will gradually improve the skin quality and prevent dryness and itchiness.

Change Sweaty Clothes after Exercise

Your sweaty clothes might stick to your intimate area that can cause friction and bacterial infection that can darken your skin. So always change your clothes and take a shower.

Intimate Washes to Maintain the Hygiene

Intimate washes restores the pH balance of your intimate area skin.

 A well balanced diet

Vitamin C has skin lightening properties. Include fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C such as berries, broccoli, bell pepper, papaya, pineapple, oranges, and cabbage.

Some best skin lightening creams for intimate areas

  1. Sanfe intimate lightening cream
  2. Lily bright intimate area whitening cream
  3. Epibright intimate lightening cream
  4. Ningen Kiwi Intimate Lightening Cream
  5. Namyaa Intimate Lightening Serum
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