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All you need to know about intimate wash

All you need to know about intimate wash

Feminine Hygiene is still a taboo in our society. Not all of us are comfortable in discussing our intimate hygiene concerns. However, you must not ignore the fact that our body needs different kinds of products and we can’t deny the fact that intimate skin is one of the important areas of concern that we tend to ignore. Woman’s intimate area is highly sensitive and it requires suitable products that go well with the pH of your skin in that particular area. Significantly, pH prevents the accumulation of infection causing bacteria. The skin of your intimate area maintains an acidic pH level. Notably,  there is a rising awareness regarding intimate hygiene and care. Apparently this is why records indicate that  the market of feminine hygiene wash is expected to grow by 6 per cent up to $123 million, from 2020-2024. The ‘feminine hygiene’ product market as a whole was worth $40 billion in 2021 and projected to grow to almost $55 billion by 2028.


What are intimate washes?

Intimate washes are cleaning solutions specifically formulated to cleanse the ‘intimate area. Intimate washes formulated from natural products are safer and healthier for the skin of your intimate area rather than a typical body wash.

What are the benefits of feminine washes?

An intimate wash helps to regulate pH levels of your skin. Moreover, the natural ingredients also keep your skin healthy.

pH Level Matters

The pH level of our body and vagina also varies. Did you know that a healthy vagina is acidic, and the pH ranges from 3.5 to 4.5. Obtrusively, most of the bathing soaps have a pH greater than 4.5.

Avoid Using Bathing Soaps 

Well using a bathing soap down there could disturb the pH level of the vagina thus leading to vaginal issues like foul or fishy odor and irritation. Which is it calls for a special product that is milder and is specially crafted to cleanse your vagina while maintaining its pH level.

Supports growth of lactobacillus 

Natural intimate washes balances the pH level of your skin and promotes good bacteria of your intimate area to keep you healthy and fit as a fiddle. 

Choosing the right intimate wash

It is pivotal to use an intimate wash that is prepared from 100 percent natural ingredients, dermatologically tested and contains no harsh chemicals. Regular soaps and shower gels aren't designed to be used on your intimate area, because they have a pH level designed for the surface of your skin. Your skin has a pH of 5.5, whereas a healthy vaginal pH level ranges from 3.8 to 4.5. Using regular soap can alter the pH of your vagina and upset its delicate bacterial balance, which is what keeps it healthy and free of infection. Instead, try using a special wash intended for use on your intimate area

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How to use an intimate wash?

Take a small quantity of the solution in your hand and apply it on the external part of the vaginal area during toilet usage or a shower. Apply it gently and then rinse it with clean water. Dry the area with a clean towel. You can use the intimate wash everyday but use a gentle product that contains natural ingredients. These intimate washes are easy to use and pro-hygienic. Your intimate areas also need some care, try intimate wash instead of using soap or shower gel.

Why is kiwi effective for your intimate care?

  • Kiwi is rich in Vitamin E which brightens your dull skin. It is full of antioxidants that prevent dead skin cells from accumulating on your skin. It also boosts new cell generation.
  • It moisturizes your skin, Vitamin E and antioxidants nourishes and hydrates your skin. Omega 3 fatty acids make your skin soft.
  • Kiwi fruit works well on acne while keeping it blemish free, and balances oil on your skin.

Which intimate wash is best?

Ningen kiwi intimate wash is formulated with 100 percent natural ingredients dermatologically tested paraben and sulfate free and suitable for all skin types as it is prepared from from, fruits and flower extracts Ningen kiwi intimate wash has a 3.5 pH level that is ideal to cleanse and maintain the pH level and protects against infection, bad odor and harmful bacteria.

Buy Ningen Kiwi Intimate wash for better and right personal care. 

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