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How to Take Care of Your Hair in Summer?

How to Take Care of Your Hair in Summer?

Summer is here, and with it comes the sun, humidity, and other factors that can damage your hair. If you're looking for tips on how to take care of your hair during the summer months, you are at the right place indeed! We will ensure that you get the knowledge and ways to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. So good riddance to all your hair issues. Now is the time to make a little change in your hair care regime and lifestyle so that you enjoy every moment without worrying about your hair.

How does the weather impact your hair?

Summer weather and UV rays can harm your hair's outer layer, the cuticle. The cuticle can become rough and swollen, leading to frizz. Frizzy hair is dry, tough to manage, and can break easily. Sweat and moisture can make your hair flat and lacking in volume during the summer.

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy and Shiny in Summer?

  1. Don't go out without hats and scarf

Protect your hair from sun damage by wearing a hat. There are many options available, from wide-brimmed hats to denim caps and canvas hats. To add an extra layer of protection, wrap your hair in a silk scarf before putting on the hat. If hats make you feel suffocated, try a scarf or headwrap for full hair protection.Plus, scarfs can add a fun element to your outfit!

  1. Protect from sun rays 

Hair care products now have ingredients that fight UV rays. However, shampoos with UV protection contain toxic chemicals. Use a chemical free serum to create a layer on your hair strands when you step out in the sun. Apply Ningen Chamomile Hair Serum with the goodness of chamomile, amla, rosemary, argan and onion. 

  1. Be mindful of your hair washing routine

Summer brings with it heat and humidity, which may tempt you to wash your hair frequently. However, be aware that over-shampooing can dry out your hair by removing the natural oils from your scalp. Wash your hair with Ningen Rosemary shampoo for a gentle and calming effect of tea extracts and bamboo. 

  1. Trim your hair to avoid split ends

Trimming your hair prevents split ends and makes it easier to manage. Don't stress about the length, as hair grows faster during summer due to the anagen phase. So, go ahead and get that trim for healthier and more manageable locks!

  1. Condition to repair and protect 

Protect your hair cuticle from environmental damage by conditioning it regularly. During summers,give your hair extra moisture by opting for deep conditioning treatments. Use Ningen Onion Hair Conditioner as it is free from harsh chemicals and enriched with the goodness of onion to revive your hair. Click here to know more about its benefits. 

  1. Hydration is a must

Don't forget about hydration when it comes to your hair. Even if you're doing everything else right,skipping this step can hinder your results. To ensure your hair strands are properly hydrated, drink plenty of water and cooling fluids during the summer months.

  1. Know your scalp

Your scalp naturally produces oil to keep your hair and scalp moisturized, but sometimes it can produce too much sebum, resulting in sticky and greasy hair. If you have oily skin, you're more likely to have an oily scalp. This issue can worsen during the summer months. So it is important to keep your scalp oil free and clean. 

  1. Use clean comb

Don't let your comb get dirty because it can make your hair greasy and sticky. Moreover,  bacteria thrive in a dirty comb, which can lead to scalp issues like folliculitis and acne. Keep your comb clean to avoid these problems and practice mindful combing.

  1. Clean your hair post-workout

As a fitness enthusiast, taking care of your hair is important. To combat increased sebum production from working out, wash your hair every other day. Use a mild and chemical free shampoo,check out Ningen Onion Hair Shampoo for significant results. 

  1. Reduce the usage of styling tools 

Avoid excess usage of  hot styling tools,blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons as it can be catastrophic for your hair. Go natural as far as possible. 

  1. Use a natural hair serum 

Hair serum is a great way to nourish and protect your hair from damage. It can also add shine and definition to your locks, making them look healthier and more vibrant. However, it’s important to choose the right type of serum for your hair needs and use it correctly in order to get the best results. Try Ningen Chamomile Hair Serum and Ningen Argan Hair Serum to cherish and flaunt beautiful and healthy hair. 

  1. Hair spa can do lot more

Ingredients like Hibiscus, Amla, and Heena  are known to promote hair growth, reduce hair fall, and promote hair health.It also gives healthy and voluminous shine to your hair. Try Ningen Hibiscus Hair Spa as it also delays hair graying and keeps dandruff at bay. 

How to keep your scalp in a great condition?

  • To promote healthy hair growth, start with a healthy scalp. Choose a shampoo with gentle surfactants, lots of humectants, and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Look for fragrance-free formulas to avoid irritation.
  • To condition your hair effectively, work from two-thirds of the way down each strand. This will make your hair less tangled and easier to handle. Avoid applying conditioner directly to your scalp.
  • When you're selecting a conditioner, it's crucial to search for emollients and avoid irritants that can come into contact with your scalp. The top cause of contact dermatitis is fragrance, which is why it's essential to be mindful of it. So, keep an eye out for conditioners that are gentle on your scalp and don't contain irritating fragrances.
  • After showering, apply a hair mask to seal in proteins like keratin and emollients to smooth the hair cuticle and prevent tangling. Protect your hair from heat styling by using products with silicones. Use UV filters and antioxidants to combat free radicals that can damage your scalp. Never brush your hair vigorously when it's still wet to prevent breakage.
  • Wet hair is fragile and prone to snapping easily. It's best to wait until your hair is dry before combing it with a wide-tooth comb. 
  • Massaging your scalp with a water based serum can stretch hair follicle cells, leading to thicker hair. This technique also boosts blood flow, which in turn promotes hair growth.

Follow all the tips and ways this summer and say it with a smile, “ I didn't plan to go out but my hair looked too good to stay in.” Happy Summer!!

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