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World's 1st Toothpaste Tablet

World's 1st Toothpaste Tablet

NINGEN CURCUMIN TOOTHPASTE TABLET Imagine you pop a tablet and chew then let your saliva break it down into a paste and brush it off or else just spit it out and your teeth are sparkling, bright and your mouth free from bacteria. Isn’t that astounding, all you have to do is just crush, brush and rinse. Ningen offers its wide array of novel products formulated from flower extracts to give the richness and healing properties of flowers. The Curcumin Toothpaste Tablet is the world’s first tooth paste tablet with patented Curcumin Nano- Technology. The genesis of such an innovative and unique product is the idea and extensive research of Dr. Neha Arora who is Director at Auriga Research Private Limited. Her perseverance and dedication to bring a revolution in dental care and oral hygiene became a reality with a unique brand Ningen. It is a striking Japanese word which means ‘human’. Cosmetics have been an integral part of human’s life and evolving civilizations. We cannot deny the fact that cosmetics play a pivotal role in our lives, fashion, culture and history. Obtrusively most of the health problems originate from poor oral health. Ningen’s Curcumin Toothpaste tablet is certainly a hassle-free way of cleaning teeth. In this fast-paced life, Curcumin toothpaste tablets are a boon as it could be carried while travelling and makes the entire process of cleaning teeth easy and fun. A natural, safe, effective and creative way to whiten and brighten your teeth in a jiffy. If you are a traveller leave all your apprehensions about toothpaste- stained clothes in your bag or toothpaste smeared on your precious gadgets. The chewable toothpaste tablets are hand luggage friendly. Ningen brings Curcumin Toothpaste Tablets from nature's lap as it has been prepared from flower’s extract in a convenient and effective form. A complete dental care that goes everywhere. It is prepared from the goodness and richness of Turmeric, clove and mint to brighten and freshen up your mouth in a spur of a moment. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties make it a product that you can never forget and would always like to carry with you in your journey. The sinews of Ningen’s Curcumin toothpaste tablet are healing properties of curcumin which extricates plaque, prevents gingivitis, bleeding, bad breath (Halitosis) or other gum diseases. It also staves off bacteria, inflammation and leaves an ever-lasting freshness in mouth all day. What makes Ningen’s Curcumin Toothpaste tablet peculiar is a bioactive compound that primarily provides anti-bacterial, anti- fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a magnificent Japanese technology that reduces dental cavity, tooth pit, fissure, sealant, and shrugs off the problem of bad breath. The wonderful amalgamation of turmeric, clove and mint makes it work like a panacea for oral health problems. It is an ethically manufactured high-quality product that is sugar free, gluten free, cruelty free, 100 percent vegan and zero waste. Ningen’s Curcumin Toothpaste Tablet is safe, effective and a wonderful alternative with therapeutic properties for multiple benefits. Begin the journey of a thousand smiles with Curcumin toothpaste tablets.
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